Whitewater River

Whitewater River

Unrestrained Power of Water

The enthusiasm is always immense! Feeling as if you were on a wild trip in a mountain stream, you shoot from one whirlpool to the next. High gorges and steep curves, all this in rapid water with constantly changing depths.


The Whitewater River is the luxury river rapid slide option. Sliders experience a wild ride in a simulated whitewater river, propelled from one rapid to the next. Tight curves, churning whirlpools and the unrelenting force of the water make the Whitewater River seem savage and untamed. Riders catch their breath in the relaxation pools following the downhill ride, but only if they know how to maneuver to escape the flow of the rapids!


More than 200 gallons of water per second flow at depths between 0.6  to 3 feet through a winding whitewater river slide, causing the flow speed to change constantly. The relaxation pools and feature built-in benches. Theses pools can also be fitted with water massage beds and underwater lighting to be used as whirl-pool baths.


An average incline of 4% makes considerably reduced starting heights possible, compared with conventional slide systems.


1,800 Riders per Hour


Body Slide


12,328 GPM

Whitewater River by KNA Attractions