Theming & Storytelling

Theming & Storytelling

Create brand-building attractions that tell the story of your business.

KNA Attractions offers special lighting, water and sound effects, as well as interactive elements to build a creative presentation that will fascinate your riders and tell the story of your brand.


Theming and storytelling are great ways of bringing emotions into your guests’ sliding fun. The ride becomes an intense sensory experience that allows sliders to leave the daily grind behind and dive into another world, becoming part of the story themselves. The increased adventure factor turns the water slide into a new world waiting to be discovered.


Seeing, hearing and feeling – our most powerful senses – can be stimulated by light, water and sound effects as well as interactive elements.

Touch Panel Story Selection


Choose three different lighting and sound effect programs to offer your guests on each ride down your slide.  LED RGB lighting, running light color combination and effects along with varying sounds create a completely different story to choose from.