Starts & Timer Systems

Starts & Timing Systems

The Fall Start


Waiting on the platform at a dizzying height, cooled by a light water mist that fills the plexiglas capsule, the countdown begins as the adrenaline surges and all you can hear is your own heartbeat pounding. Suddenly, the trapdoor opens beneath your feet entering into free fall.

The system is fully automated and does not require additional personnel for operation. The technology meets the highest quality and safety standards.

Drop Start


Not for the fainthearted – the classic Drop Start. Overcome your fear as you reach for the bar. Hanging over the chasm, all you hear is the rushing water below. Hold on or take the free fall – will nerves or strength decide

Timing Systems


Water slides that operate at full capacity help reduce crowding in other areas of the waterpark. Increased capacity on a water slide is achieved by encouraging guests to do multiple runs. Timing each run is the ideal way to increase sliding interest. A healthy spirit of competition drives guests to go faster – maybe even clocking the fastest time of the day – and increases overall slide use. Starting lights are a must for any timing system.