Sound & Lighting

Sound & Lighting Effects

Painting a story with Natural & Lighting Effects

Lighting is a perfect way to provide added experience for your riders. KNA Attractions offers a wide variety of special effects using both natural lighting along with LED-RGB lights to deliver a smooth and continuous mix of colors.


Many effects can be programmed into your lighting effects along with sounds systems with the installation of loudspeakers in your water slide attraction. Backlit images are brought to life through natural sunlight or by artificial light depending on your location and facility.


LED paneling takes your experience to new heights, providing the ultimate way to customize your attractions. Offered in our Infinity Jump and Fake Slide as add ons to our enclosed slides, panels of programmable LED components are installed directly into the construction of the water slide.

Start Lighting for Enclosed Slides


You can never be too safe launching your riders into an enclosed water slide. knowing that the previous rider has yet to finish. Red light green light stop and go systems are installed at the start and finish areas, which are run by an automatic sensor system as a backup safety measure.

Natural Lighting Effects


Natural Shine is an innovative manufacturing technology developed by Klarer. The insertion of translucent segments into the slide components allows daylight to enter and produces impressive lighting effects. Backlit pictures and artwork offer a wide variety of special effects with natural or artificial light.

LED Lighting, Paneling & Running Lights


Using LED-Flash lamps allows you to create strobe effects at varying intervals for your own lightning storm or a slow light show. This choice is yours! Running lights are circular strands of lights, which can be programmed with different patterns and intervals for riders to enjoy in enclosed slides for added experience.