Magic Twice

Magic Twice

Ready, set, slide!


480 Riders per Hour


Body Slide


530 GPM x 2

The Magic Twice is an action-packed, side-by-side race to the finish line with two lanes sharing a single tube enclosure. While it’s impossible to cut your opponent off due to customizable partition; opponents can see, hear and laugh their way to victory through an array of visual and audio special effects. This water slide attraction is the product of a market demanding a competitive racer version of our Magic Eye, and is quickly becoming a crowd favorite that brings customers back for a faster personal record.


The pioneer to our competitive triple-lane Racer Slide, the Magic Twice set the stage heated rivalries that will keep your lines in rotation with happy riders battling it out over and over again. Running lights are a popular addition to the Magic Twice, along with start and finish add-ons like start lights and laser-controlled timing elements that track the fastest racers and push the capacity of your ride with the incentive of speed!

Magic Twice Dual Rider Water Slide