Magic Eye

Magic Eye


420 Riders per Hour


Raft Slide


3,180 GPM

Experience a new dimension of Fun with Magic Eye


Demanded worldwide and reason for two expansion products based on the original, the Magic Eye has been one of our most popular water slide attractions in production for more than 10 years. This oversized raft experience has enough room for single, double or even triple-rider raft options; and is enclosed to create an immersive experience by supplementing colors, sound and lighting options to fit your customers’ desires. The Magic Eye takes you on an adventure with options like zig-zags, 360 rotations and enough room for riders to navigate through their own dimension.


Our Magic Tube and Magic Twice are expansion products of the original created for opposite reasons. For those who need a more compact version of the classic Magic Eye, the Magic Tube packs the original excitement into a smaller version with the same theming and customization features available on both. For those who want even more Magic, the Magic Twice is a two-lane rider attraction that delivers even more excitement with more riders.

Magic Eye Raft Slide

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