Infinity Jump

Infinity Jump

A new fully-immersive dimension of fun

An add-on component to our tube slides, the Infinity Jump is like a mid-flight trap door, integrating a jump ramp with a hidden drop slope that will thrill your riders with unexpected excitement. Combined with state-of-the-art sound, video and LED display technology, your imagination is the limit to designing a full immersive and stimulating experience. Unsuspecting first timers will see their journey moving straight toward the lighting display before dipping swiftly and safely below.


This innovative add-on brings a new level of experience and excitement for riders and includes our patented LED Panels with the customers choice of video from a library of stories and themes. The Infinity Jump feature is available on any of KNA’s 47-inch (120cm) enclosed body slides as well as our popular Magic Tube.


Alternatives to this optical illusion include a wide range of integrated light, water and sound effects. The latest innovation on the water slide market is a video screen with waterproof LED panels, which can be built into the slide components. The only limit to the effects you can add is your own imagination!

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