High Fly

High Fly

We wish you a pleasant flight!


180-240 Riders per Hour


Body Slide


25 GPM

If you’ve ever wondered how a ski jumper feels at the moment of launch, now you can find out for yourself. Jump in your bathing suit and climb to the top of our ski-jump water slide, the High Fly by Klarer. Take a deep breath as you get ready to start, feel the tension building in your muscles as you concentrate on the moment of flight. You accelerate down the ramp until you reach the take-off point – a feeling you‘ll never forget – followed by free flight until you land comfortably in the safety net. Amazing! All that‘s left is to check your distance and receive your «scores» from family and friends on the sideline.


The ski-jump High Fly from Klarer, a worldwide one-of-a kind water slide.