AvatarOne™ Aerial Adventure

A World’s First: the Zipline Roller Coaster Hybrid

The AvatarOne™ Aerial Adventure


The only patented zipline-coaster in North America, the AvatarOne™ fuses the fast free-flying sensation of a zip line with the ups, downs, and turns of a roller coaster giving the rider the ultimate thrill of flying! This dynamic aerial adventure ride system is innovative, customizable and and technically advanced, delivering dynamic vertical elements with drops over 20-feet, speeds up to 35 mph, and forces up to 2 g from gravity alone!


Create your one-of-a-kind AvatarOne track to accommodate your customers. The system can be built for a calming, scenic and sensory-driven experience to explore jungles, caves and natural landscapes; or built for screams and thrills by pushing your guests to their adventure-seeking limit.  Twist, dip, drop and turn in ways that a traditional zipline just simply can’t with a single suspension cable.


The AvatarOne™ system utilizes a steel rail system suspended from steel cables, overhead structures, or even natural terrain to allow for the safe riding experience for guests. Fly over, under, through and around forest canopies, jungles, cave system, buildings or your existing adventure park facilities. Vertical and horizontal movements provide the thrill of free falls and 360 turns. Our designers and engineers lead the way as you handcraft your perfect ride from a selection of various rail sections.


The AvatarOne™ technology is protected by multiple patents in the United States and Mexico, with additional patents pending. Made in the USA to ASTM standards, the AvatarOne™ is built using only the highest quality materials and fabricated in a life supporting structure shop. Every ride system is designed to fit your location – outdoor adventure parks, canopy tour, water parks, or wherever your imagination takes the AvatarOne™, it’s built to suit all locations.



Vertical Elements from 2' to over 20'

Horizontal & Compound Turns at 270º and 360º

Speeds Up to 35 MPH & 2g Force

Terminate On Land or In Water

Installed to ASTM F24 Standards

2-Inch Schedule 40 Steel Pipe Rail System

3x.25-Inch Strengthening Rib

Galvanized Standard Finish + Powder Coating or Natina Finish

The system is built using 2” schedule 40 carbon steel pipe with computerized cutting and CNC machining by certified welders to ASTM standards. The ride has multiple types of vertical elements to choose from including:

Standard Drop

FreeFall Drop


Slide Rise

Standard or Extended Dip

Free Fall Dip

Slide Dip

Compound Turn (270 - 360°)

US Patents






Additional Patents Pending

Fun for your customers. Profitable for your business.


The AvatarOne™ is a one-of-a-kind ride for thrill seekers and nature lovers alike. While the gravity-driven ride was created for fun and adventure, our patented system was designed to differentiate your attraction from anything else on the market; giving you the chance to offer an experience currently only available in seven locations across the world!

Furthermore, the system is manufactured for minimal labor and built for a high volume of customers. We engineer eco-conscious rides with high safety standards that will set your location apart in a competitive market while maintaining a generous profit margin. 


Low maintenance. High volume.


  • Up to 60 riders/ hour per 250m single track system
  • Launch time will vary due to the length & elements
  • Minimal labor required to run and maintain ride

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