Decatur Overlook Adventure Park expected to open in the spring

Source: Via WAND17 News by Tristan Hardy | Oct 15, 2019 Updated Oct 15, 2019

DECATUR, Ill. (WAND) – Decatur’s Park District expects a new aquatic center to open in May.

There’s no telling what specific date, but it should be ready by Memorial Day. WAND News was able to see what kind of progress crews have made.

There are three pools, four water slides and the project started in July 2018. The aquatic center includes the first-ever stand-up slide made in the United States. It also features a lily pad chamber, rock wall and zip line. Crews are working out the details before they open the area to the public.

“I’ll be honest, when it’s covered with people, that’s when it’ll be truly amazing,” said Chris Harrison, who is on the on the board of commissioners.

The Decatur Park District expects to have the $10 million project completed by the end of October. After that, the aquatic center will be closed off for the winter.

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